Look What You Can Do With Office Supplies!


Sometimes you have to be away from the comfort of your own home, and if you’re like me you run out the door without all your supplies.  I enjoy knitting and crocheting during my lunch break at work.


What I’ve found that works for me in a pinch are common everyday items.  Items that you might NOT think of to use in knitting and crocheting.  These little beauties can be a lifesaver!

I’m talking about binder clips, paper clips, twist ties, and bread tags.


Most of the time I forget my stitch markers at home.  These can all substitute when you are at the office, at a friends house, on the road with your crochet.

Another thing I like to do is to group all of my yarn together for a future project I will be working on. A lot of times I’ll have an idea or find a pattern that I want to work on but don’t have the time at the moment.  That’s when plastic freezer bags or plastic bags with a zipper closure come in handy.


In this bag you will find some yarn that I’m going to use to make crocheted cupcakes.  Yarn in the bag:  Red Heart Super Saver in Pretty in Pink and White and Red Heart Shimmer in Red.

The other colors used, for the Tunisian Crochet swatch:  Red Heart Soft in Turquoise and for the single crochet swatch:  Red Heart Super Saver: Pretty in Pink.

Don’t be afraid to take your crochet on the road, you can always use an improvised stitch marker so your work won’t unravel and you don’t lose you place.


Happy Stitching!!!

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