Shark Attack! Shark Attack!


Every once in a while a movie comes along and surprises a nation.  It surprises the people involved, the people who greenlit it, and even the actors who took part just hoping for a chance to keep their careers going.  I believe “Sharknado” was a fluke, a random SciFi movie on the SyFy channel about killer sharks who get swept up in tornadoes to wreak havoc on Los Angeles.

So when I mentioned to one of my knitting and crocheting groups they were making a sequel we decided to have a viewing party for the 2nd movie.
My friend Jean invited us over, and had a crocheted shark hat waiting for us next to the veggie platter.  She served fish sticks, and tater tots, along with coleslaw.  I brought popcorn, and our other friend Kristie baked chocolate chip zucchini muffins.


I even attempted to do my own nails for the occasion.  Check out the bad rendition of sharks I tried to make.
In “Sharknado, The 2nd One”  The sharkpocolpse takes place in New York.  There are a lot of cameos by the famous and not so famous, and also a lot of pop-culture references.  If you’ve ever seen the “Twilight Zone” episode where William Shatner thinks he sees a creature on the wing of the plane, or the movie “Airplane” you will understand the jokes in the beginning of the movie.  I’m not going to say too much more about these movies other than the fact that they are good schlocky fun!!!
Even the cats wanted to be part of the fun!
“Sharknado”  and “Sharknado 2: The 2nd One” will be on again tonight, Saturday, August 2nd on the SyFy channel.  (Check your local listings)
Oh and by the way there is a “Sharknado 3” already in the works!!!

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