Published for the 4th Time!


The Summer issue of Craft Ideas magazine marks the 4th time I’ve been published in a national magazine.  Since this periodical is published in Chicago, it’s sometimes difficult for me to find it at my local craft store, big box retailer, or grocery store.  However yesterday I was at my local supermarket, in California, and I happened to walk past the magazine section of the store.  To my surprise I spotted Craft Ideas magazine in the very last row of the display.

It’s always a thrill to see your name in print, and to view the final outcome of something you’ve created.  The purse I crocheted  has traveled to Chicago and back to Los Angeles.  You can make this for an adult or a child.  I tend to like bright colors, and I thought this would be a great small purse for when you are attending your local farmer’s markets, craft fairs, or amusement parks.  I happened to use a very bright yarn, but please feel free to use any color you wish, and please send me photos of your completed project.  I’d love to see them.
Craft Ideas magazine hit the newsstands on June 21st, 2016

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