Locking Stitch Markers and Alphabet Beads


How many of you have ever found a long ago forgotten project? It might be in the back of the closet, in your tote bag, maybe even in the trunk of your car. Sometimes I have 5 or 6 projects on my hooks, and when I pick them back up I can’t remember which size hook I used. Here’s a clever way to help you remember what size hook you need when you pick up that unfinished object, (UFO as I like to call them).

All you need are some locking stitch markers and some alphabet beads. Make sure the beads have openings big enough for the stitch marker to slip through. (I found the square alphabet beads work the best.) Sort through the beads and find corresponding letters to the crochet hook you used. Place one of these markers on your project the next time you lay it down. No more guessing. The next time you pick up your crochet work you’ll know exactly which hook to use.StitchMarkers2 - small

I like to use larger hooks, which is why you see H, I, J, K, P and Q among the photos.

These alphabet stitch markers would make a great gift for your friends, and family who crochet. The beads and stitch markers can be found at your local craft store. These make very practical, and inexpensive gifts, and can be placed into a pretty jar or container when you present them to the lucky recipient.

StitchMarkers3---croppedStitchMarkers4 - small

Happy Stitching!!!

Yarn pictured: Super Saver Economy
Bright Yellow E300-324
Butterfly E300-3953


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