Go See My Stuff at the L.A. County Fair!!!!


Way back in July, my friend Natalie and I entered some items in the L.A. County Fair.  Well the results are in…………We were  pleasantly surprised by the number of ribbons we both won.

I won 2 First Place ribbons.  One for my Trick or Treat wrap, (which incidentally used 12 balls of fuzzy yarn), and I also won a 1st place ribbon for a fuzzy purple/pink scarf I made.  I also took home a 2nd place ribbon for my green scarf with flowers.  I also took home a 3rd place ribbon for a knitted poncho (not pictured)  One of my items didn’t win a ribbon, but it was fun to go see all the entries at the fair.
Natalie won a ribbon for all her items entered.   We both entered 5 items, and here are a few photos of some of our winning entries.  Natalie took home 2nd place for her beautiful berry colored shawl, and basketweave blanket.
If you’re in the Southern California area, there’s still one more week to head out to Pomona and take a look at all the items entered into the fair.  The area that houses the fiber arts, jewelry, and baked goods, is called “The Grandstand” building.
The L.A. County Fair is open now until September 27, 2015.  It’s a lot of fun to see your entries in the display cases.  I encourage you all to enter next year!!!
Thanks, and Happy Stitching!!!!

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