SURPRISE!!! Spaghetti Hot Dogs!!!


Sometimes you see something on Pinterest and you’ve just got to try it!!! That’s how I felt about Spaghetti Hot Dogs!

I was able to convince my roommate to assist me. It’s a good idea to have a helper when you attempt to make this dish.

First you will need a pack of hot dogs:


Next, slice them into little circles:


This is when you need a helper, because if you’re even partially hungry before you start this process, it will feel like this part takes an eternity!!!


Take each circle and poke 5 to 7 strands of hard spaghetti into the circle.


Next, boil the hot dog medallions with the spaghetti sticking out. Cook until spaghetti is tender.




While you are waiting for the spaghetti hot dogs to cool off a bit, heat up a jar of store bought pasta sauce.

Plate your spaghetti hot dogs, cover with sauce and a little Parmesan cheese.


Was all this effort worth it?

The outcome looked fun! They looked like little spiders or little squids!  However I just spent about 30 minutes making something that tasted exactly like Spaghettios in a can, so my advice to you all would be to buy Spaghettios with hot dogs in the can and save yourself the hassle. Pinterest does come up with some crazy ideas, and I’m sure I’ll be trying some again.

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