FrOoT LoOp EaRrInGs


It’s National Breakfast Cereal day and I cannot remember anything quite so fun as being a carefree little kid waking up early on a Saturday morning, opening a box of breakfast cereal, squealing with delight at the prize inside and then gorging myself in front of Bugs Bunny cartoons until I fell back asleep on the couch in a sugary-milk induced stupor.  Heaven!

My favorite cereals include gone-but-not-forgotten gems like Quisp, Quake, Dudley Do Right’s Frosty-O’s, Apple Jacks, Vanilly Crunch, Super SUGAR Crisp, Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs, King Vitaman, Frankenberry and – the all-time greatest – FREAKIES! (You can bet there will be future posts about my love of all things Freakies!)


Alas, the days of cereal proudly advertising their high sugar content as being healthy and strength inducing are gone.  We now have Super Golden Crisp, and lots of Kashi and raw twigs and cardboard nuggets and zero fun.  Most of the dwindling family of sugary cereals that are left are sectioned off in their own little ghetto-of-shame at the end of the healthy cereal aisle, and you can bet that’s right where I go!

But on this Breakfast Cereal day, in this National Craft Month, I decided to combine crafting and cereal into elegant and fun fashion accessories.  For this I chose the classic Froot Loops for their craft-friendly loopy shape, and the wide variety of colors you get in one box. Perfect!


With craft pliers, jump rings and earring findings in hand, I set about creating my Edible Accessories.  I present my Cereal Earrings.


I created two pairs – one for parties and one for more elegant affairs – because who wouldn’t want to wear breakfast cereal at a black tie mixer?


There really isn’t a tutorial on this  – just start connecting pieces of cereal with jump rings and have fun!  And if you feel someone nibbling on your ear, you’ll know why!

2 thoughts on “FrOoT LoOp EaRrInGs

    • They just don’t make cereal like they used to. They used to say they contained vitamins. Most likely you’re Mom didn’t buy you all the sugary cereals, because they weren’t very healthy.

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