GUEST BLOGGER ALERT: Natalie Welts on National Dream Day!

Dream Catcher_html_14c64e51

I find it completely ironic that the first day back at work after losing an hour of sleep to Daylight Savings Time should be National Dream Day!  Consequently, I can think of no better craft for this day than a Dream Catcher made by my friend and guest blogger Natalie Welts.  Enjoy! (Please don’t sell her wonderful pattern  –  but she said you can sell items made from it.)

Dream Catcher

Greetings everyone!

I came about the idea of making a dream catcher for a friend of mine who has been having a lot of bad dreams lately. I used to have a small one hanging above my bed when I was little, and I thought that since I play with yarn, maybe I could whip something up.

Supplies:One five Inch metal ring. Crochet hook size “I” or 5.5mm. Medium weight yarn; colors and brand is up to you. I used Red Heart Soft in Very Very Red and Navy. You can also use beads or feathers for the dangles at the bottom  Color A: Very Very Red  Color B: Navy. 

Row 1: Sl st with A around ring. Ch 1, sc 180 around ring. Sl st into first sc and finish off. *Note: this can be quite tricky until you get the hang of it. Do your best!*

Dream Catcher_html_mbed1141Dream Catcher_html_m7154a87e

The edging will be slightly malleable, so don’t worry about that.

Dream Catcher_html_4ed5f1cd

You will need to have the stitches on the inside eventually, but you can leave it like this for the next row. It’s easier to work this way.

Row 2: With B, pull up a loop.

Dream Catcher_html_m5b224601

Ch 5, skip next 14 sc. *1sc, ch 5, skip next 14 sc* around.

Dream Catcher_html_m4342c6e8

Sc in same stitch as beg. Finish off.

Dream Catcher_html_5b01c97

Row 3: With A, sc in any center loop of the previous row. *ch 3, sc in next loop* Continue to end. Sl st in 1st ch. You should have 12 loops, just like the previous row. Finish off.

Dream Catcher_html_30fa6fc7

Row 4: With B, ch 4, sl st in 1st chain to make a ring. Ch 3(first dc), make 11 dc in center. Sl st into 1st dc; not the ch 3. You just made this tight little circle!

Dream Catcher_html_4ff1fa0c

*Ch 2, sl st into loop of previous row. Ch 2, sl st into next dc.* Complete this step all the way around. Finish off. Tuck in all ends. *Note: Make sure you get all loops before you finish off!*

Dream Catcher_html_65e7eb63Dream Catcher_html_m72952882

Make a loop to hang it by. You can just add a piece of string by tying a knot like I did, or you can get really creative. You are the artist! Just make sure to tuck in the ends very well.

Lastly, cut 3 strands of each color about 6-7” long for fringe. Tie at bottom of dream catcher.

Dream Catcher_html_14c64e51

Hang up and say goodbye to your bad dreams!

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