Here is a post from guest blogger Christina Tucker:

Banners Here, Banners There, Banners are EVERYWHERE!

There is always a use for a banner weather it is Congratulations, or welcome home, or Birthday, or any other occasion or saying you might what to put onto a banner.

I have put my paper crafting skills to work and made a Birthday Banner

First I used my Cutter/trimmer and cut the scrapbook paper into 13 3X3 Squares (1 square for each letter in Happy Birthday).


I also cut the card stock into 13 2X2 squares.


I then rounded the corners of the 2X2 card stock paper with my corner rounder.


Next I used my Journaling pen And wrote HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the Squares one letter per square


Then with my bottle stickles I traced over each letter to make it sparkly and stand out.


Next I used my foam squares to attach the 2X2 card stock squares on top of the 3X3 paper squares.


Then I punched holes in the top corners


Finally I laid out the letters and laced a piece of ribbon through each word tying off the ends by making a bow.


*Number of squares will vary according to the number of letters in the words on you banner

Supplies Needed

Scrapbook Paper (with design of choice)

White card stock

Counter rounder

Journaling pen


Stickles (a glitter glue type thing)

A one hole punch

Foam Squares


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