Crotastic Cinnalicious Buns!


So today is National Sticky Bun day, and in my book this is a holiday that MUST be celebrated!  So while I am at lunch break, I meander down to my local donut (I prefer this spelling to the fancier “doughnut” (which should be spoken only as Thurston Howell III would)) shop to pick up a cinnamon bun and I see that they are now offering Cronuts.

Yes, Cronuts.



Let me just stop right here and say that, in my humble opinion, you should not even TRY to improve on good old fashioned donuts. They’re perfect. Yes, I indulge in a Krispy Kreme on occasion, and I have even tried some of those fancy new-age donut boutiques where they roll the donuts in Japanese Sea Salt or cram Bacon and Breakfast Cereal and Sprigs of Mint inside, blah blah blah. STOP ALREADY! You’re never going to improve on the plain old twisty or raised crumb or fritter from the shop down the street. Can’t be done.

Which is why it irks me that this “Cronut” craze – which started on the East Coast – has found it’s way to my local neighborhood donut shop in Los Angeles. Why would I want to make a donut out of Croissant dough? I even asked the donut guy if he thought they were good, and he was honest enough to give them the stank eye – but it’s what people want, apparently.

So this inspired me, on this National Sticky Bun Day, to both honor the Cinnamon Bun and show all those fancy pants how I make a Cronut. Bet it tastes better than any other Cronut! Enjoy my Crotastic Cinnaliscious Sticky Buns!

First, buy a GOOD OLD FASHIONED CINNAMON BUN from your local non-fancy-shmansy donut shop

Normal Bun

Then buy a tube of Crescent Roll Dough from the market.


Pop that sucker open!


Once the dough is out, spray your pan with Pam and cut the dough in half.


Take one half of the dough and spread it out.


Then put your Cinnamon Bun on top of the dough.

Bun on Dough

Spread out the other half of the dough, and put it over the Bun.


Seal the Bun inside the dough, so that the dough evenly surrounds it.


Put it in your oven at 375 F for about 18 minutes or until it starts to turn golden.


Drizzle on some icing.


And cut that Golden Yummy Cinnamony Crotastic Cinnaliscious Bun open!


How AWESOME does that look?




Eat and ENJOY!

Happy National Sticky Bun Day!!!
(posted at 11:56pm – Just made it!)

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