Save the TT’s!


Pet Peeve alert!

So there is a trend that seems to be growing of late that has my you-know-whats in a bunch.  It has invaded my workplace, I hear it on the radio, it’s on national television – everywhere!

What is it, you ask?  It is the replacement of the TT with an apostrophe!

Huh? What am I talking about?  I am talking about the trend of replacing the double T’s that appear in many words, with an apostrophe and no longer pronouncing them.  The word “kitten” becomes “ki’en.”  the word “rotten” becomes “ro’en” (or raw-en, for you phoneticists out there).

Why are the TT’s going extinct?  I don’t want to name names, but there is a very popular professional Radio Host here in L.A. that has, in recent years, developed a strong aversion to the TT’s.  And I was watching a television crafting show not that long ago about yarn, and this perfectly normal looking girl came on to announce that she’d be “kni’ing mi’ens.”   Boom!  Two in a row!  (If you don’t know what she meant, just replace the aspostrophe’s with the TT’s and you’ll figure it out.)

I think we need to have National TT Day just to remind people of the importance of TT’s.  Or perhaps we can introduce the Double-T as the 27th letter of the alphabet just to drive the point home that TT’s are meant to be pronounced.  If we can have a Double-U (which is the first time I ever tried to actually spell the name of the letter W), we should be able to have a Double-T!

Alas, I have neither the power nor influence to create National Days or extra letters of the alphabet.  But in my mission to save the TT’s, I have designed a T-Shirt to remind everybody of their importance to the English language.  Check out my TT T-shirt.


Help save the TT’s!!!

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