Fast S’mores


There are two great forces in my life, both which hold total sway over me, and both at odds with each other.  This is an eternal struggle for me, and both forces shall be with me until the day I die.  They are:

my desire for yummies


my total laziness.

Yes, I do enjoy the yummies, and the yummiest yummies usually require a certain amount of baking, involving dishes and ingredients and runs to the supermarket and waiting for timers and potholders.  These things are in direct opposition to my desire to sit on the couch, remote in hand, probably watching COZI TV until I fall asleep.  Alas, both sides have won fantastic victories, and both have suffered humiliating defeats.  And so it shall be.  And so it shall be.

But every now and then, in an attempt to appease both forces, I try to come up with something that is both yummy and easy.  Which brings me to my Fast S’mores.  Yes, I know – it doesn’t exactly take hours of hard labor to whip up traditional S’mores.  So the fact that I had to come up with Fast S’mores should clue you in a bit as to just how intense my laziness is.  Seriously – epic.

So here is my Fast S’mores “recipe,” if one can call it that (and I do call it that).

Step1:  Grab yourself two plain Hershey’s chocolate bars, two mini-pie crusts (tart sized – available, among other places, at Wal-Mart) and a bag of Marshmallows.


Step 2:  Break up the chocolate into small pieces and place into a microwave-safe bowl.  Depending on your microwave power, you will need to melt the chocolate for one to one and a half minutes.  Remove from microwave, stir quickly until chocolate is smooth.  Grab your mini-pie crusts and….


Step 3: Spoon the chocolate into the mini-pie crusts and top with a marshmallow, grab a spoon and enjoy your Fast S’mores!


Whoops, the commercial is over and Charlie’s Angels is back on – hurry back to the couch!!!

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