Fun with Boutique Fur


I first had the opportunity to touch, and play with this scrumptious yarn at the Knit and Crochet Show in San Diego CA earlier this year. I purchased a few skeins at the show, but it wasn’t until Red Heart Boutique Fur became available at my local big box retailer that I was able to purchase most of the colors, and allow my creativity to run wild! Among my friends, I’m the one who adores working with novelty yarn. I like the way the end result looks and feels. I don’t mind that instead of seeing the stitches clearly, you have to feel you way through your project. When I work with this yarn I poke me finger into each stitch before placing my crochet hook in the stitch.

FUR1-smallRed Heart Boutique Fur is extremely soft, available in 8 different colors, and sold in 11 yard balls. If you’ve never worked with novelty yarn before, I suggest you be patient, and give this yarn a try. You’ll be happy you did! The end result feels like you have a stuffed animal wrapped around your neck. It’s a very sensuous, and tactile yarn. I can’t wait to make a hat, poncho, and more, with this very special yarn.

Please enjoy this pattern for an EASY cowl or stole.

Red Heart Boutique Fur Cowl

Supplies Needed:







Fur2-smallStart: With A, chain 40. (Do not join, we will sew together later)
Row 1: Starting in 3rd chain from hook, hdc all the way across. Ch 2.
Row 2: Hdc all the way across, ch2, turn your work. Add color B
Row 3: Hdc all the way across, ch 2, turn your work
Row 4: Hdc all the way across, ch 2, Add color C, turn your work.
Row 5: Hdc all the way across, ch 2, turn your work
Row 6: Hdc all the way across. Weave in all ends. Fold and line up scarf, then stitch together.

This cowl can be worn 2 ways: like a regular cowl around your neck, or draped on your shoulders. It’s very pretty and comfortable.

Happy Stitching!


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