Fair Game!

Trick Or Treat Wrap

So, I don’t know why I do this, but every year I procrastinate, and every year I’m scrambling to finish my L.A. County Fair entries. This year I only had time to enter 5 items. The thing is you have to submit your list of items in June, and you have until July to either mail them in or else you can drive down to the Fairplex in Pomona, CA and drop off your entries.

Here are some of the things I entered this year:

Trick or Treat Wrap

Trick Or Treat Wrap

Trellis Flower Scarf

Flower Scarf

Purple Scarf

Purple Scarf

My friend Natalie, and I have a ritual, we drive to Pomona and drop off our entries, and afterwards we stop at one of those chain restaurants, and have lunch. She gets the jalapeno macaroni and cheese, and allows me to have a bite, and I get something else.

Mac & Cheese

Here is one of the items my friend Natalie entered:


Every year I say to myself that I’m going to start on my entries for next year right now, and I usually end up doing the same thing. I’m pretty stressing myself out, and crocheting up until the time I have to be at Natalie’s house.

I hope I can change my ways, but until then please enjoy these photos of our entries and wish us luck. I’ll let you know if we won any ribbons in September, when the L.A. County Fair opens.


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