RuPaul’s DragCon


Sparkles, Eyelashes, and Heels Oh My!!!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being invited to RuPaul’s 1st ever DragCon.  I was in kitschy heaven!!!  For those wondering what a DragCon is, it’s a convention for Drag Queens and the people who love them.  There were rows and rows of vendors selling things like feathers, false eyelashes, and fantastic looking falsies.  I was in awe!
One of my friends Kellie DeFries aka “The Crystal Ninja” had a booth at the show.  She was demonstrating how to use the “Crystal Katana” to embellish anything and everything with rhinestones and Swarovski crystals.   Let me tell you, she was in the right place!!!
I ran into Mama and Eunice from “Mama’s Family”  Eunice thought I was Margaret Cho and beckoned me over to take a photo with them.
I was just walking the floor politely asking people if I could take their photo, or be in a photo with them.
I followed a very glamorous foursome around until I was able to tap one of them on the shoulder and ask them to pose for me.  I admired their costumes and make up.
Suddenly I wanted to be wearing false eyelashes and after I took my photo with them I went in search of a booth that would apply them for me, but there were long lines everywhere and I didn’t get the eyelashes I desired.  I did have a lot of fun looking at everything,  meeting new people,  and making new friends.


In addition to the vendors there were lines that people could wait in to meet the cast of Ru Paul’s “Drag Race” (TV Show)  and pay to pose for a photo,  or get an autograph from their favorite celebrity.  I felt like a celebrity myself when I kept getting asked to pose for a photo, because convention goers thought I was Margaret Cho.  I happily posed with them, but I made sure to tell them my name was Janice.
I heard rumblings that DragCon was a huge success and will be returning next year.  So sashay your way down to the convention center and get your fierce on!  Work it!!!

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