Yarnville was founded in 2011 by Vergik Hacopian. Yarnville is a group of individuals that love yarn and crochet. Vergik started the group because she wanted to share her love and passion with people who have similar interests. Vergik couldn’t find any groups in her neighborhood so Yarnville was born.

Vergik1The following is a Q & A with Vergik Hacopian:

1) Who taught you to crochet?

VH: My Mom

2) What do you enjoy the most about Yarnville?

VH: I love each individual that is part of the group! I love the closeness that we have for each other.

3) How did the idea of a “Round Robin” crochet-a-long come about?

VH: I belong to another group and we did one and I truly loved it.

4) When did your group start the crochet-a-long?

VH: We started in October 2014 and finished in April 2015. When we started out, each person was asked to bring an 18 x 18 inch crocheted square they made, knowing this would become their afghan to keep in the end. We met every week at a local bakery, and each person was given a booklet as to the favorite colors of the afghan’s recipient. We would trade the afghans in closed bags so people couldn’t see how their original square was progressing until the big reveal day. Sometimes we were given 2 weeks to add to one, and as the afghans became larger we were given 4 to 6 weeks to make our additions.

(L-R) Standing: Nick Welts, Ginna Siman Wetherby, Natalie Welts, Sharon Benjamin, Barbara Thomer, Anna Flores; Seated: Christina Tucker, Vergik Hacopian, Jean Choate

5) How was it decided to use Red Heart Super Saver?

VH: We used Super Saver because of the variety of colors, the quality of the yarn, and the fair price.

6) What do you enjoy the most about Red Heart yarns?

VH: I love all of them, and I am so excited with the new addition of the hot and bright colors. The colors are amazing, and no matter how many times I wash my project in the washing machine it still looks great! I have blankets I made 6 or 7 years ago and they still look awesome!

7) What else is in store for Yarnville in the future?

VH: I have a few more projects in mind, such as making a scarf as a group, the only rule would be using RED HEART yarns.





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