One Seam Insulated Tumbler Cover



I was trying to figure out a way to make a tumbler cover for a friend of mine who wanted to wear one across her body and carry an insulated tumbler her Mom had given her as a gift.  Like most crocheters I didn’t want to have to sew pieces together so I tried to figure out a way to make a cover with only 1 point where you had to sew.

Hence the title of this item.  “One Seam Tumbler Cover.”  It’s not really even a seam, all it is when you finish this pattern is, you fasten off the end and then you weave the tail into to work.
Please feel free to make as many of these as you like, but please DO NOT claim the pattern as your own.  If you choose to sell these please send people back to my blog post so they can see that I am the creator.  Thanks and have fun making these!!!  They make great gifts and crochet up in no time.  Plus they are made with 100% cotton for easy laundering.
Supplies Needed:  Size “I” crochet hook
Lily Sugar and Cream 100% cotton yarn in color of your choice
Yarn needle
Start:  Chain 4, sl st tog to form a ring.  Ch 3
Round 1:  12 dc into ring, ch 2
Round 2:  2 hdc in each st, total (24) , ch 1
Round 3:  sc in each st around, ch 1
Round 4:  sc in each st around, ch 3
Rounds 5 through 8: dc in each st around, ch 3
Round 9:  dc in each st around. ch 2
Rounds 10 – 14:  hdc in each st around, ch 2 each time you get to the end
Round 15:  sc all the way around til you get to the beginning.  DO NOT FASTEN OFF.  WE ARE TRYING TO MAKE THIS IN ONE CONTINUOUS PIECE WITH MINIMAL SEWING.
hook yarn into the next st of the tumbler holder to where you just ended.  Chain 140 for strap, sc in each st acroos, ch 1 turn.  Each time you get to the end of the row, find a stitch to attach the yarn too.  (You can either slip stitch or you can single crochet into a stitch)   and repeat for 4 rows. When you get to the end fasten off and weave in the ends.

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