The first thing you notice about this truck is their logo. It’s the face of a man who looks like a prospector. I asked the owners if the man was a relative of theirs? They replied, “Nope, we just found a photo that we really, really liked.” I was a little sad to discover the photo was just some random, but I proceeded to peruse their menu anyway.

The menu is pretty simple:


Chili, Chili Cheese Fries, Burger, Frito Pie and a Chicken Wrap. They also have sides: Cornbread, Triple – Cooked Fries, Smoked Chili Slaw, Roasted Vegetables, Cous – Cous, and spring green salad. If I’m coming to a chili truck I can guarantee that I won’t be ordering salad. I guess they felt like they had to have a few vegetarian choices too.

My friend Annie and I ordered chili with cornbread, a chili infused burger with a fried egg, and a corn on the cob with vanilla chili butter. We ordered a bunch of food and decided to share it all. We pretty much wanted a taste of everything!


The Triple Beef Chili has chunks of shoulder, oxtail and ground chuck. It’s also topped with sour cream, onions, cheese and a slice of avocado and served with cornbread.

You can choose your level of spiciness when you get to the window to place your order. You can “Choose your heat: Birth, Mid-Life Crisis, or After Life. I thought the names were pretty clever. Annie and I opted for middle of the road and ordered Mid-Life Crisis. It was supposed to be medium hot, however to me it wasn’t spicy enough. Annie thought it was good. Next time I’m going to order the spiciest chili and get After-Life. The cornbread is really good an contains chunks of corn. One woman just ordered 3 pieces of cornbread. (That’s all she wanted, that’s how yummy it was)


We also tried the Chili Infused Burger. It’s a ground chuck patty infused with triple beef chili, cheese, ancho ketchup, jalapeno aoli, pickled red onions, tomato and served on toasted bread. I asked it they could please leave the cheese off and we decided to add an fried egg for $2.00 extra. Having the fried egg on there was totally worth the extra money.


I was intrigued by the sign that said, “Corn on the Cob with Vanilla – Chili Butter. I was expecting it to taste more vanilla-ey, but it just tasted spicy.


All in all it was a pretty good food truck experience. The items which were flying off the truck were the chili, cornbread and chili cheese fries.


You can contact them (949) 735-1030

on Facebook and via their website

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