Food Truck Friday: BURNT TO A CRISP


“Too hot for meat,” is what one of my friends said when I asked him if he wanted to walk to the BURNT to a CRISP truck. Granted on the day I asked him it was 90 degrees in the shade. I know he is an aficionado of brisket. My research showed me that this truck specializes in Texas BBQ and that they do a mean brisket! In my opinion it’s NEVER too hot for meat!

So off I went with a female friend instead. Let me tell you something, just because we are women doesn’t mean we don’t have appetites!!! Today we ordered Burnie’s chili, BBQ Brisket Sandwich and a Texas Tornado Burrito.


The chili had just the right amount of heat. I believe it’s due to the fresh jalapenos and the secret spices they put into their chili. When you order the chili you get a large bowl composed of lean ground chicken, a few kidney beans, spices, topped with cheese, onions and freshly chopped jalapenos. This big bowl of chili is served with crackers on the side.


The brisket BBQ sandwich can be ordered two ways. Either chopped up meat, or with whole slices of brisket. The 2 times I’ve been to this truck I’ve opted for the sliced brisket with pickles and onions, because one of the owners of the truck, Chris said it’s less messy.


The flavors from this brisket are incredible!!! You can tell this meat has been slow roasted and cooked for hours. (Over 18 to be exact) There’s a scent of smokiness and he flavor lingers on you palette. The pickles and onions give it just the right balance of salty and sweet.


Out of this trio, the Texas Tornado Burrito was my favorite! It’s chock –full-O Flavor and has a lot of things thrown into a double flour tortilla so it doesn’t fall apart. Inside you will find Burnie’s chili, corn chips, cheese, onion and fresh jalapeno, with a sweet swirl of BBQ sauce.


ON a previous visit I ordered the Texas Chili Pie. It’s sooooo delicious!!! It’s their amazing chili on top of a bed of corn chips with cheese, onions and freshly diced jalapenos.

Other items available are potato salad with a mustard base, bbq beans, French fries.

This truck is totally work me bringing out my Lactaid so I can have a little bit of cheese!!!

I highly recommend you try them if you can find their truck.

2 thoughts on “Food Truck Friday: BURNT TO A CRISP

  1. That looks delicious!! I’m going to have to find this truck and try them out! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I love this truck and it’s food. The guy are great and actually remember me. I# you are the mood for some good smokey bbq i highly recommend this truck.

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