Were you aware lobster wasn’t always considered a delicacy? It used to be so abundant and common that people used to feed it to cats, servants and the incarcerated? It wasn’t thought of as a “rich man’s food” until approximately the mid 1800’s. Up until then lobsters were considered poor people food. It used to be sold in cans the way tuna fish was sold. Can you imagine dock workers going on strike because they were forced to eat lobster at least 4 times a week? Servants refused to sign contracts with their employer unless they were guaranteed not to have to eat lobster more than twice per week.

Times sure have changed and we have the railroads to thank for this new appreciation and love of lobster. The dining car started to serve lobster to passengers who were told it was a new and exotic dish. People enjoyed it and even started looking for lobster when they weren’t on the train. Restaurants first started serving lobster in 1850’s.

I myself haven’t had a lot of lobster. I think I’ve only eaten lobster about 10 times in my lifetime. How do you explain to someone the taste of lobster if they’ve never had it before? One of my friends said, “It tastes like the ocean”, another said, “It has a mild flavor and takes on the flavor of whatever you put on it” still another friend said, “To me it tastes like a giant shrimp cocktail.”

Whatever you think here’s my review of the Cousins Maine Lobster truck. First off let’s start with the name. The people who thought of this brilliant idea are actually cousins and they come from Maine.

Now let’s move on to my thoughts about this truck…

The first time we heard this truck was coming to our place of employment my friends and I decided we were going to order a bunch of stuff and share. We ordered lobster rolls, lobster tacos, a lobster tail, lobster bisque, a lobster martini, and YES, even lobster ice cream.


I will give my review on the things that I actually ate. Some photos are on here so you can see the various food items from this truck.

Of course I had to have a lobster roll with mayo. This roll was flavorful and the bread had just the right amount of softness. I prefer my bread to be soft and doughy. There was no messing around here. On this roll you get a lot of lobster meat with no fillers, mixed with just a tad of mayonnaise so you can really taste the lobster. They also sprinkle on some spices which gives the roll a bit more flavor.


I also had the opportunity to try a taco. The taco was very flavorful with cabbage, pico de gallo, nice sized chunks of lobster and a wedge of lime. So yummy!


I posed with the lobster tail, but couldn’t bring myself to eat it because for some reason it grossed me out, so I ended up giving it away.


My friend tried the lobster bisque, she said it was good, and we all took a bite of the LOBSTER ICE CREAM!!! None of us knew what to expect. It was pretty much vanilla ice cream that had chunks of lobster infused. It was salty and sweet at that same time. We also all tried the Lobster martini, which was just a martini glass filled with lobster meat. You get 1 piece of lettuce , a lemon wedge, and an olive.


My recommendations, lobster rolls, you should try both, the one with mayo, and the one with butter and lemon. I also recommend the lobster tacos and if you’re feeling really, really brave, the lobster ice cream.


If you have the opportunity to try this truck by all means splurge and get yourself some tasty lobster!!!


  1. I’m going to have to try some of their other stuff. I love the rolls, too. The bread is perfect because I don’t like it when it’s hard. Thanks for the great post but now I want a roll…:)

  2. very interesting. very interesting that they have ice cream. What are the prices like? It sounds like ti was worth it. thanks for the review.

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