Peeps Tower


I’m sure you may have seen variations of this on Pinterest, other people’s blogs, and even at a store. I decided to make my own Peeps Tower. All this beauty can be had for less than $10. I drove to a few different dollar and discount stores in my area to purchase all the required supplies. My Peeps Tower was really easy to make and would make a lovely centerpiece at your lunch or dinner.

Supplies Needed:

Square block of Styrofoam

Tall rectangular block (used to hold flowers, I think it’s called florist blocks )

Aluminum Foil

Scotch Tape

Toothpicks and many different colored Peeps.

Step 1: Cover the Styrofoam and florist blocks with aluminum foil. Wrap them as you would a present and tape to secure the foil.

Step 2: Take about 8 to 10 toothpicks and secure the blocks together.


Step 3: Decide which color Peeps you would like to use. Open packages.


Step 4: Insert your toothpicks into the Styrofoam and then gently place your Peeps on each toothpick. You may also place the toothpick on the Styrofoam first and then gently place peeps as you go around each side. For this particular tower I used a total of 30 Peeps.


Enjoy your handiwork and eat the leftover peeps. Isn’t this cute?  And it costs less than $10.


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