Food Truck Fridays – Komodo Truck


Komodo Dragon:  A giant flesh-eating lizard found in the jungles of Asia.  Grows up to 9 feet in length.

KOMODO seems an appropriate name for an Asian Fusion Food Truck, since it mainly serves meat.

I must say this has got to be one of my all-time favorite food trucks.  For a while I was lucky enough to have this food truck show up every Monday near my job during lunch time, but alas I haven’t seen the Komodo trucks for a few weeks now, although I have tried almost everything they have to offer.


Here are some photos of the tacos I have tried.  My favorites are the Komodo 2.0 and the Blazin’ Shrimp.  The Komodo 2.0 is filled with top sirloin with jalapeno aioli and Southwest corn salad. (Onions, tomatoes, radishes)  I enjoy spicy food and the Blazin’ Shrimp has more kick than you can imagine, which is WHY they serve it with a sour cream salad and cilantro.  First they burn your mouth off and then they cool it back down with the sour cream lettuce mixture.

I’ve turned so many of my friends on to this truck which is why you see all these photos of tacos.  Between us we’ve tried ALL of the tacos, some burritos and the garlic fries.  The burritos are big enough for tow people to share, or do what I do and eat half for lunch and the other half for dinner.

The Asian Marinated Chicken contains grilled marinated chicken with stir-fried rice and Mandarin oranges, topped with a little scallions.  It’s sweet and salty at the same time.  The flavor is reminiscent of teriyaki.

The Java taco is Indonesian shredded pork rendang braised in coconut milk with fresh tomato and cucumber salad.  I didn’t actually try this one, my friend did.  So I can’t really describe the flavors.
When you first read Fish and Grapes on the taco menu, you think I wonder if this is really good?  This sounds like an odd combination.  BUT, it’s quite tasty.  It’s comprised of deep-fried Alaskan Cod with fresh grapes and roasted almond salad.  Don’t be afraid go ahead and try this one, you’ll be glad you did!!!
The garlic fries are really, really good!!!
The few things I haven’t had the chance to try yet are the truffle fries, the meatballs with romesco sauce or any of their exotic drinks, such as Lychee Lemonade, Mango Citrus or Passionfruit Green Tea.

If you happen to see this truck with the giant lizard on the side, saddle up to it and place your order, you’ll be glad you did!!!


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