Super Peeps!


It’s that time of the year where people go ga-ga over Peeps. Marshmallow sugary goodness! This time of the year the Peeps come in bunny and chick shapes. There are even Peep jousting competitions, which I’ve seen online. The game involves 2 chick shaped peeps, toothpicks and a microwave. If you do a Google search for it you will see what I mean.

I’ve been known to eat a Peep every now and again, however I find it much more satisfying to make little outfits for them and have photo shoot. They don’t complain, you don’t have any diva like attitudes from them and if you’ll pardon the expression, “They don’t make a peep” no matter what outfits you put them in or how long they have to strike a pose for the camera. I mean really, you have to seize this opportunity! Since the bunny and chickie peeps can only be found once a year.

Here is my tutorial on how to make capes for peeps:

Supplies needed:

Size “H” (5.00 mm) Susan Bates Crochet Hook

Small bits of yarn. I chose RED HEART SOFT in the following colors.

Guacamole # 4420

Really Red # 9925

Tangerine # 4422

Turquoise # 2515

I recommend opening the package and leaving your Peeps out for about 24 hours so they are a bit stiffer and easier to handle, otherwise they are too sticky and squishy.

To start: Make a slip knot and leave a 6 inch tail, Chain 5

Row 1: single crochet in the 2nd chain from the hook and single crochet all the way across. Chain 1 (to allow for turning)

Rows 2 – 16 Single crochet all the way across, and remember to chain 1 every time you get to the end of a row. (For turn-ability) When you get to row 16 (or how ever many rows you need to completely surround your Peep, leave about a 6 inch tail so you can tie your cape into a bow around the Peep.

I wanted to make capes for the Bunnies so they could all be Superheros. Notice how cute they are when you place them into an egg? The egg can also serve as their spaceship.

Have fun, and let your imagination run wild!!!


2 thoughts on “Super Peeps!

  1. The peeps are so cute with their shawls. You have lots of imagination Janice. Keep on keeping on!


    Aunt Charlene xoxo

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