Haikus and Cheeseballs


Today is not only National Cheeseball Day, but it is also National Haiku day.  I don’t know about you, but it seems to me the organization that hands out National Days must be smoking something.  Nonetheless, I do love me some cheeseballs, even though I am lactose intolerant.  Yes, I know they are often eclipsed by their higher-profile cousins, the Cheese Puffs, but there is something infinitely more mouth-popable about a good old cheesball.


In fact, on this most strange of National Days, as I think back on all my fond cheeseball memories of days past, I feel that my emotions concerning this yummiest of all crunchy snack foods can only be captured in – yes – a Haiku.

Please dim the lights, quiet your thoughts, and let these words flow over you like the soothing waters of a Japanese fountain…

                                                                                Ball of cheesy fun,
                                                                                I stick you in my mouth, yum!
                                                                               Please don’t give me farts.



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