Food Truck Fridays – The Mandoline Grill


The Mandoline Grill truck has a really pretty logo of a beautiful Asian woman with long hair riding a bicycle. When you first spot the truck this is what draws your attention. I was intrigued, because it doesn’t really give you a clue as to what gastronomic delights await you on the truck.

They serve Vietnamese food. There are just a few choices on the truck, but the few items they have are delicious. The have tacos, which are filled with spiced meats mixed with veggies served on a corn tortilla. They serve Bun, which is served cold. It consists of vermicelli noodles on top of mixed greens, julienned vegetables , cucumbers and your choice of meat. (chicken or pork) My favorite item to order from the truck is the Bahn Mi. It’s a sandwich served on a 12 inch baguette. Their bread has just the right texture, it’s a bit crunchy when you bite into it and soft after it hits your mouth. You can choose either pork seasoned with lemongrass or chicken, which is reminiscent of Teriyaki. Then the bread is coated with a light coating of mayo and it also has pickled carrots, daikon radish, cilantro and raw jalapenos. What I usually like to do is eat ½ for lunch and then have the other ½ for dinner. Not too bad for only $7.00.

Mandoline3.jpgMandolineGrill9.jpg Mandoline10.jpg Mandoline4.jpg

The only item I haven’t tried yet is the Vietnamese Nachos. Everything else has been a delightful dining experience. Of course when one thinks of Vietnamese fast food, one automatically thinks of the Bahn Mi. I’ve tried other Bahn Mi sandwiches, but I would have to say the Mandoline Grill is my favorite.

Check out these photos. Here is a link to their facebook page and their website.

Mandoline7.jpg Mandoline6.jpg  Mandoline1.jpg


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