Food Truck Fridays – The Streets of Thailand


I’m fortunate enough to be able to try a variety of food trucks without having to go in search of them. Everyday at lunch time there are 2 or 3 different trucks that park near my work, making it very convenient for me to have access to a number of trucks that I’ve always wanted to try.

My review for today is one of my all time favorite trucks, The Streets of Thailand.

As the name suggests they serve Thai food. Each dish is made to order so it takes a while for your food to arrive, but when it does, it is piping hot,  mouthwatering, plain old delicious!!!

Here are some photos of Tofu Pad Thai, Basil Beef, crab, and lobster potato chips.

StofThailand5.jpg StofThailand4.jpg StofThailand3.jpg StofThailand2.jpg

I recommend the basil beef. You can order it as spicy or as mild as you want. The basil beef is my go to dish. It has a nice flavor combination of beef, rice,chili pepper and it’s NOT too sweet or salty.

My friend prefers the garlic pepper pork, but I’m pretty boring and I always seem to order the same thing.

The beef dish has ground beef, fresh basil leaves, chili peppers and rice.  They give you enough for two people, but usually what I end up doing is ordering the combo meal.  You get an egg roll and a beverage.and I have lunch for 2 days, because they are very generous with their portions!

The Pad Thai  was a little sweet for my taste, but the Basil Beef has all the right components to make this my favorite thing to order.  It has just the right amount of chili flavor and basil.  Time and time again I vow I’m going to try something different, but I always end up with the Basil Beef.  I guess I’m just a creature of habit.  I hope to try something different one day, but for the time being I will keep ordering the Basil Beef.

The truck also has exotic potato chip flavors such as crab and lobster flavor.  I was expecting them to taste really fishy, but they were just salty with a little bit shrimp flavor.  From the outside of the bag, it looks like Lays brand has branched out.

This truck is always parked at Warner Bros Music on Mondays.  The sizzle of the ground beef, chili and basil has your nose working overtime.  The truck is a regular on Mondays and so am I.

2 thoughts on “Food Truck Fridays – The Streets of Thailand

  1. Those are some weird flavored chips! I’ve never seen them around before. Are they a big bag our are they individual bags?

    • They are individual bags, and I was disappointed. I wanted them to taste more exotic, but they were kinda plain. This truck has good Thai food!!!

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