Yarn Crawl


There is an interesting event that happens once a year and has all knitters and crocheters in a tizzy.
I’m talking about Yarn Crawl L.A. County. Currently in it’s 3rd year, Yarn Crawl is when over 30 yarn stores from Santa Clarita to Manhattan Beach welcome all fiber artists to browse trunk shows, buy specialty yarns, and have an opportunity to get their yarn store passports stamped.


During this four day event, if you are able to visit all 30 plus stores you will have a chance to win a basket with over $400 in prizes.


Yarn Crawl offers fiber artists a chance to go visit shops they may have never heard about before. It’s also an opportunity to carpool with friends while driving from location to location, make new friends, and learn what’s new and exciting in the wonderful world of fiber.


If you want to partake in this years event it runs from April 3rd until April 6th.


If you’ve ever wondered what alpaca, angora, merino wool, silk, bamboo, cotton, bulky, worsted, baby, and snowflake yarn feels like, now’s your chance to go have a field day and touch all these luxury yarns.


Unfortunately I’ll only be able to go on the crawl on Saturday and Sunday, but I’m sure I can do enough damage during these two days!


2 thoughts on “Yarn Crawl

    • Shoot, I meant to show you yesterday. Next time I see you I will bring some so you can see and feel it. It’s really, really fluffy and soft.

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