Stick it!


Today is national stick food day.  Now lets be clear about this – we’re NOT Talking about Popsicles and Shish Kebob.  No, no, no, no – this day is dedicated to the weird and bizarre world of Fair Stick Food.  I have had Kool-aid on a stick, Fried Coca-Cola on a stick, Macaroni and Cheese on a stick, Deep Fried watermelon on a stick – you name it!  I don’t really know any places other THAN a fair to get weird food on a stick, but if they want to give stick food it’s own national day, well then I am right there with them!  Besides – isn’t shoving a stick up something sort of crafty anyway?  Kind of?  Just say yes.

Here are some pictures of my stick-food exploits to thrill and fascinate young and old alike!

TornadoPotato.jpg SteakStick.jpg SausageStick.jpg SausageSign.jpg SausageOnAStick.jpg Popcornsicles.jpg Popcornsicle1.jpg PizzaOnAStick.jpg MiniCornDog.jpg MeatballSign.jpg Meatballs.jpg LobsterStick.jpg JOApple2.jpg JOApple1.jpg FriedWatermelon1.jpg DeepFriedWatermelon3.jpg DeepFriedSnickers1.jpg DeepFriedPineapple.jpg



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