Milkshake Straw Jewelry


Whenever I go shopping my mind is always thinking “What can I make with this?”  “What else can this be used for?”

I like to take objects that have other purposes and craft with them.  So when I saw these big, beautiful straws, I just had to buy them.  I didn’t know what I was going to make with them, but their pretty candy colors attracted my eye.  The straws I used are called “Milkshake” straws and I bought them from my local discount chain store.  You can use smaller drinking straws too, however I like to wear big, bold jewelry so I went with the bigger straws.

Supplies Needed:
1)  Straws
2)  Pliers (2 pairs for opening and closing jump rings)
3)  Chain for necklace
4)  Jump rings
5)  Lobster claw clasp
6)  Wire Cutters
7)  Jewelry Awl
8)  Scissors
9)  Hoop earrings (I used 2″ hoops)
10) Tweezers

Earrings: To make the hoop earrings, first cut your straws into 1/2 inch tubes.  After you cut your straw pieces, slide them onto the hoop!  Voila!  Done


First you will need to cut an 18″ length of chain.  Then attach the lobster claw clasp to one side of the chain with your jump ring.  While working with sliding your straw pieces on, I left the closure side jump ring off until I threaded all my straws onto the necklace, then I attached the closure jump ring to the other end.  I found the jump ring didn’t go through the straws very easily.
Cut a 3 inch piece of straw in red.
Cut 2 pieces of Yellow straw in 2 1/4 inch pieces
Cut 2 pieces of Orange straw into 1 1/2 inch pieces
After you have cut out all your straw pieces, very carefully poke 2 holes into them with the jewelry awl  (Be CAREFUL not to stab yourself)  You will need to create an entry and exit way on your “Straw Tube Bead”
Once you have carefully punctured all the straw pieces, lay them out in the order you want them and then start to thread them through your chain.  This will take a little patience as you don’t want to tear the straws and sometimes the chain doesn’t want to go through.  You may have to use a pair of tweezers or use your jewelry awl to poke the chain through.
Once you have completed your design, take your last jump ring and attach to make a closure.
This is a very easy project and will take less than 1 hour to make.  You can make jewelry to match any outfit!  Have fun, experiment, mix and match colors and sizes of straws.
If you decide to make some please email me at:

Thanks and Happy Crafting!!!

3 thoughts on “Milkshake Straw Jewelry

    • There might be, if I felted some yarn and then figured out if I could turn them into beads. Thanks for the suggestion!!!

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