Yarn Jars



I thought in honor of national crochet month and national craft month, I thought I would combine my love of both and make some yarn jars.

These are extremely easy to make and such fun to have around.  They can be made in your favorite colors and they make great gifts for your friends.  Let your imagination run wild!  You can tie ribbon around the top or maybe glue some sparkle gems on your jar.  The possibilities are endless.


Supplies needed

1)  Glue gun and glue sticks

2)  Any type of glass jar

3)  Yarn in your favorite colors

4)  Ribbon for embellishment

This craft is a cinch to do!!!

Place some hot glue on the jar.  You don’t have to be too neat here, because you will be winding the yarn multiple times over the jar.  The trick here is to be able to wind the yarn around the jar rather quickly so the hot glue doesn’t dry.  I recommend having the yarn you want to use already wound into a ball.  It makes the process much easier.


Use different size jars to store your knitting needles, yarn, crochet hooks, and scissors.   These can brighten up your crafting area and help keep you organized.  The jars can also be used to store other things too, such as rulers, pens, pencils and paintbrushes.


If you make some feel free to email me a photo at janiceogata@gmail.com

Have fun!!!

3 thoughts on “Yarn Jars

    • I’m pretty sure you can use cans too! I just happen to like the way glass looks and feels better. Now that I’m thinking about it, you can also use other types of glue too, it just might take longer to dry.

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