Charlies Angels

OMG, have you guys checked out COZI TV?! I stumbled across this channel the other day after my stupid cable company changed their lineup and let me tell you  –  I LOVE it!!!  Anyone who knows me also knows that I love all things 1970’s,  and this channel shows a ton of series like “McCloud,” “The 6 Million Dollar Man” and, most important of all, “Charlie’s Angels!!!”

I’m freaking out about “Charlie’s Angles.” I eat, sleep and breathe this show.  At any given time if I am starting off into space I am probably thinking about “Charlie’s Angels” and COZI TV is the only place you can see it here.

Unfortunately by the time I found COZI TV they were on the 4th season, the season with Shelley Hack, blechh! (Just kidding Shelley – Love You!)  But tonight I caught the first episode of season 5 with Tanya Roberts. What’s even more fun about COZI TV is catching shows where the angels were guest stars BEFORE they were known as angels.  How totally excited was I to catch an episode of “McCloud” with young Jaclyn Smith as the Guest Star, and this week it was ALL about Farrah Fawcett as an astronaut (!) on an episode of “The Six Million Dollar Man.” I laughed my a** off when she took off her space helmet and flipped her Big Farrah Hair while exiting a space capsule – genius!

COZI TV has also started showing re-runs of “Fantasy Island” and “The Bionic Woman” and I have set a season pass for each on my DVR – just to check out who the guest stars are.


I thought I was in heaven when I discovered Antenna TV with all the greatest 1960’s sitcoms that I love, but COZI has blown everyone away. Any channel that brings me “Charlie’s Angels” is at the top of my list!

“Charlie’s Angels” is just one of those iconic shows that people like to imitate. Recently I was at a 1970’s themed party and got a chance to live out my fantasy of being an angel. Check out this photo!!! And more importantly check out COZI TV,  it’s an “Ogatahaveit!”


One thought on “OMG! COZI TV!

  1. Cute photo, honoring your favorite show. Great review of this channel. I didn’t know about it. I will have to check my listing for it.

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