Hair Clip Critters!!


Plastic Hair Clip
Googly Eyes
Small Styrofoam balls


Step 1: Using a pair of scissors, poke two holes, spaced about 1 inch apart, through one side of the plastic hair clip. Make sure the holes are large enough for a piece of wire to pass through.


Step 2: Take a balloon – pink or red would be best – and with a pair of scissors, cut the balloon lengthwise from the hole to the tip. Out of the piece of balloon rubber, cut a rough rectangle, making sure it is as long of the teeth of the hair clip.


Step 3: Open the hair clip, and run a line of glue just inside, or behind, a row of teeth.


Step 4: Take the rectangle of balloon and glue one of the long edges just behind the teeth of the clip, where you put the glue. You can stretch the rubber a little, just to make sure it is tight and flat against the clip.


Step 5: Use clothespins to hold the rubber in place while the glue dries. You will want to keep the hair clip open while the glue dries, so a good trick is to use another hair clip to hold the handle of the first one open.


Step 6: While waiting for the glue to dry, pick out a good color balloon that you want to use as a tongue. Cut the tip of the balloon off so that it is about two inches long.


Step 7: Once the glue is dry on one side of the hair clip, run another line of glue behind the other set of teeth, and now glue the other side of the pink balloon behind these teeth. Clamp and let dry again. This is what makes the “back of the mouth.”


Step 8: Once the pink balloon is dry, you may need to trim any excess rubber that sticks off the side of the hair clip. Just trim the balloon so the edges run about even with the sides of the hair clip.


Step 9: To make the eyeballs, Use two Styrofoam balls and pick out two large googly eyes. They don’t have to be the same size or color – whatever you like.


Step 10: Using a utility knife, cut a flat face into each of the Styrofoam balls.


Step 11: Glue a googly eye onto each of the flat faces you just cut into the Styrofoam balls. This makes the eyeballs.


Step 12: Using a piece of wire, bend the wire into a “U” shape, so that the two ends will fit through the holes you poked into the hair clip in step 1. Open the hair clip and insert the wire from inside the clip so the two ends poke upwards out of the holes.


Step 13: Take your two eyeballs, and stick them onto the two wires which are poking up through the two holes. Apply a small drop of glue where the eyeballs sit on the hair clip so as to affix them in place.


Step 14: Once the eyes are affixed, the last step is to glue in the tongue.  Run a line of glue along the back of the 2 inch segment of balloon you cut in step 6.  Attach the “tongue” the the back of the pink balloon, or “throat” of your creature.  It is best to keep the hairclip open while this glue dries, so stick a clothespin between the teeth until it is dry.


Step 15: Once the glue is dry, enjoy your new hairclip critter!


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